Our History

In 1984, Gary Summers purchased an interest in a Topeka based Certified Public Accounting firm that was subsequently reorganized into two separate firms. SS&C Solutions, Inc. is a tax and accounting services firm, which is over 50% employee owned through an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan). Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A. is a certified public accounting firm. We typically refer to both firms as “SS&C”.

Summers, Spencer and Company, P.A. shareholders are: Gary R. Summers, CPA, CVA; Brenda K. Flanagan, CPA; Skyler W. Fairchild, CPA, CGMA; Stuart A. Bach, CPA; Brian P. Lang, CPA, CVA; Michele C. Hammann, CPA, CVA; Dennis Redd, CPA; Leon Logan, CPA; Scott Martin, CPA and Reid Hash, CPA.

The firm has five offices:

5825 SW 29th, Topeka, Kansas

7225 Renner Road, Suite 110, Shawnee, Kansas

3320 Clinton Parkway Court, Lawrence, Kansas

218 S Santa Fe Ave, Salina, Kansas

3675 74th, Meriden, Kansas.

The shareholders of SS&C have structured the firms to best provide quality accounting and attestation services to their clients at a reasonable cost as well as keeping those services personalized and timely. SS&C’s size provides an environment where creative, people-oriented professionals can practice accounting without the bureaucratic constraints inherent in a very large firm.

The steady growth SS&C has enjoyed over the years indicates this approach has been successful. Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A. avails itself of the necessary audit staff for each engagement pursuant to an administrative services agreement with SS&C Solutions, Inc., which employs a full complement of auditing, tax and consulting services personnel.

Our employees are our most important resource. To serve our clients well, we have concern for our own people in their professional and personal development. The firm generates a working environment that motivates everyone to work at their fullest capacity and to work together toward excellence in client service.

Gary Spencer and Gary Summers with SS&C employee owners.

At left, Gary W. Spencer, CPA (1956 - 2010) and Gary R. Summers, CPA, CVA join SS&C employee owners in 1999 as the firm celebrated the creation of the ESOP.

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