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As one of the first firms in the US to become employee owned, we have a uniquely vested interest in providing you with remarkable service. We are located in the heartland of America but we serve clients nationwide.

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Summers, Spencer & Company, P. A. serves clients in the insurance, banking, employee benefits, construction, non-profit, service and manufacturing industries.

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Our strong employee/owner culture is the key to the success of our firm. Each employee/owner has a personal stake in the future of the firm and of the clients that we serve. We are successful because our clients are successful.

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We are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you. We believe strong organizations shape their businesses and their goals with education, insight, and information. That’s why we provide our clients with information to keep them informed and competitive.



Michele Hammann, CPA, CVA

Erika Dvorske

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development

The Financial Accounting Standards Board issued new rules that will make your financial statements simpler and more useful in telling your organization’s story.

This free one-hour program is for nonprofit staff leaders and board members who have a basic knowledge of financial information and have an interest in learning more.

Michele Hammann, CPA, CVA will present the reporting changes and how they might impact organizations. Erika Dvorske will discuss ways that a nonprofit can effectively use the information in these reports.

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An interview with Brian Lang, CPA, CVA, CEPA is featured in a recently published Thomson Reuters whitepaper regarding software integration for CPA firms. (CLICK HERE to view the article.)

Thomson Reuters (TR) provides accounting industry professionals with technology to find trusted answers. SS&C has a long standing relationship with TR. Brian also participated in a focus group discussion at TR headquarters. Thomson Reuters staff were researching the decision making process of their customers as well as how their clients evaluate post-sale service.


Brian commented that the biggest benefit for SS&C was meeting and interacting with several of TR's top level product managers and establishing a personal relationship with the firm's trusted answer providers.

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Now’s the time to start thinking about “bunching” miscellaneous itemized deductions

SS&C Staff - Monday, August 29, 2016

Many expenses that may qualify as miscellaneous itemized deductions are deductible only to the extent they exceed, in aggregate, 2% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). Bunching these expenses into a single year may allow you to exceed this “floor.” So now is a good time to add up your potential deductions to date to see if bunching is a smart strategy for you this year.

Should you bunch into 2016?

If your miscellaneous itemized deductions are getting close to — or they already exceed — the 2% floor, consider incurring and paying additional expenses by Dec. 31, such as:

• Deductible investment expenses, including advisory fees, custodial fees and publications

• Professional fees, such as tax planning and preparation, accounting, and certain legal fees

• Unreimbursed employee business expenses, including vehicle costs, travel, and allowable meals and entertainment.

But beware …

These expenses aren’t deductible for alternative minimum tax (AMT) purposes. So don’t bunch them into 2016 if you might be subject to the AMT this year.

Also, if your AGI exceeds the applicable threshold, certain deductions — including miscellaneous itemized deductions — are reduced by 3% of the AGI amount that exceeds the threshold (not to exceed 80% of otherwise allowable deductions). For 2016, the thresholds are $259,400 (single), $285,350 (head of household), $311,300 (married filing jointly) and $155,650 (married filing separately).

If you’d like more information on miscellaneous itemized deductions, the AMT or the itemized deduction limit, let us know.